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Janine Chedd

Bijdragen van Janine Chedd aan de Beeldentuin (* = aanwezig in beeldentuin) en Expo Thuis

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Touch cool breath.
A thousand steps held in my hand.
To look and see the feel of blue,
the thirsty taste of yellow.

The main body of my work is routed in the English landscape. From the yellow fields of rape to the electric blue of linseed…… From the enclosed woodlands and farmland of Oxfordshire …to the mountains; lakes; gates; stiles; and paths of the Lake District…..to the cairns and tarns of North Wales….

The physical act of ‘walking’ or ‘stepping’ in these charged environments of colour and sense invoking landscapes takes on a more abstract meaning in my work. As do the running rivers…the still lakes and icy tarns. Gates; arches; stepping stones…all significant in the travelling of these ‘scapes’ float on the surface of my canvases….often becoming vertical ‘paths’ or actions in themselves….and the mountains become ‘safe houses’- a feeling of calm and safety away from the chaos and overload of colour, sights, smells and heightened emotions……

The physical act of ‘painting and mark making’ is a vital part of a finished piece of work. The placing and displacing of paint…the line marking and scratching…words and layers, are all significant. The tension between lines and forms become exciteable. The written word….thoughts ….“thoughtlings” ….half written then obscured….become mere marks again…

Flashes of memory to be jotted down quickly as a ‘mantra’…to be savoured…tasted….absorbed then painted over….I write this in English with what WAS a spontaneity (my hand written journal ) … but then a reworking of these “thoughtlings” means ….something else evolves…

….a typed version…spontaneity lost in the scribble of my notes and ‘mantra’.

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